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Homeowners, who like a spot with a more relaxed pace, yet close enough to a large metropolitan city, often look southeast of Charlotte to Union County and the City of Monroe. Thanks to the I-485 outer-belt, uptown Charlotte and I-77 are only a short drive away for the many newcomers choosing to settle here.

Communities like the Village of Marvin and the Town of Weddington are primarily populated with estate housing that ranges from $500,000 to well over $2,000,000. 

Areas around the manufacturing centers incorporate a good balance of established, executive housing and new, more compact neighborhoods that promote a feeling of community. The homes are constructed with a wide range of materials, styles, and amenities. As you look to the east, there exist sprawling tracts of land for those seeking a more agrarian environment. Union County has the availability of land and access to Charlotte that enables it the ability to provide virtually any type of housing from sprawling plantations to urban residential in a historic downtown setting.

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Dollars in collars

05 December 2016 - Minutes after I arrive at 2 Hounds Design in Union County, Alisha Navarro, the company’s founder and president, tells me there’s someone I have to meet. “Have you seen Oberon?” she asks a woman working nearby, who motions outside.

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