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This Area of Focus is based on the demand for non-traditional economic development targets.  Union County can capitalize on its location adjacent to I-485, providing numerous opportunities to develop sports/entertainment areas, office parks, and a stronger retail presence in the Region.  While retail is simply the sale of goods and services from a business to an individual, it remains a vital part of the overall economy.  This Area of Focus is more aligned with the increasing of the commercial tax base within Union County and enhancing the overall quality of life for the citizens and businesses.  Union County remains one of the fastest growing communities in the United States and has a relatively young population with high levels of disposable income.  This income is leaving the community and being spent in Mecklenburg County.  Although not a traditional industrial segment, there is a significant impact this Area of Focus has for Union County.  Office development along the Interstate 485 communities, or “gateway” corridor, will be the first target the economic development office will pursue.  Further understanding of this Area of Focus will require time to develop as the staff learns more about these different targets.

There are three Broad Business Sectors within this Area of Focus

  • Entertainment
  • Office
  • Retail

The Specific Targeted Industries under this Area of Focus include

  • Retail Centers
  • Office Development
  • Film Post-Production
  • Hotel Development
  • Sports-Related Venues
  • Quality of Life Businesses
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Tourism-Related Businesses
  • Financial Services
  • Engineering Services
  • Information Technology Services



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